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Krakow Ara otelleri

Krakow popüler otelleri

Otel Stary

Otel Stary 5 yıldız
Szczepanska 5, Krakow, Poland, 31-011

Hotel Stary is a 5 star hotel located in the heart of the old city Krakow. Modernity and comfort have been combined to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

242 $
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Otel Radisson Sas Krakow

Otel Radisson Sas Krakow 5 yıldız
Straszewskiego St. 17, Krakow, Poland, 31-101

The hotel is located on the modern shopping street Zwierzyniecka, with short walking distances from the Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz - the old Jewish quarter. The John Paul II international airport is 15 km from the Hotel, and the main train station is only 3 km.

219 $
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Otel Sympozjum & Spa

Otel Sympozjum & Spa 5 yıldız
47, Kobierzynska Strasse, Krakow, Poland, 30-363

Modern building, located in the souther district of Krakow not far from the historic city centre. Within 2.

100 $
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Otel Grand - Old Town

Otel Grand - Old Town 5 yıldız
Ui. Slawkowska 5/7, Krakow, Poland, 31014

The Grand Hotel is located in the very heart of Old Town a mere 50 metres from the Main Market Square For more than a century it has offered comfort to a host of illustrious Guests, guaranteeing them a private and relaxed atmosphere. The greatest care has been taken to restore the hotel?s historical interior, whilst its unique climate, elegance and luxury have never failed to fascinate visitors.

377 $
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Otel Sheraton Krakow

Otel Sheraton Krakow 5 yıldız
7 Powisle Street, Krakow, Poland, 31-101

A five-star experience that feels welcoming. Located near Wawel Castle on the bank of Wisla River, Sheraton Krakow Hotel is steps from Zygmunt Bell, Wawel Cathedral, National Museum, Main Market Square, the shopping district, and an avenue of consulates.

269 $
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Otel Crown Piast - & Park

Otel Crown Piast - & Park 5 yıldız
Radzikowskiego 109, Krakow, Poland, 31-342

Five star- luxury functional hotel situated close to the A-4 highway Berlin-Wroclaw-Krakow-Vienna-Lvov Short distance from the City Center and the Airport Balice 10 min and supervised parking area for cars and buses with connection by public transport make the location extremely attractive for each guest. Surrounded by beautiful gardens with extraordinary flora guarantees an exceptional atmosphere of silence and relaxation for guests.

127 $
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Otel Qubus Krakow

Otel Qubus Krakow 4 yıldızlı
Nadwislanska 6, Krakow, Poland, 30-527

Modern and elegant interiors, a glazed swimming pool with a delightful view of the Old Town, a richly fitted out fitness centre - these are just a few of attractions of Qubus Hotel Krakow. The facility boasts an excellent location: it is situated on the Vistula River bank, right at the historic and extremely popular district Kazimierz, only 1.

166 $
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Otel Rubinstein

Otel Rubinstein 4 yıldızlı
Szeroka 12, Krakow, Poland, 31-053

This charming first class hotel is in a 15th century building, deep in the heart of Kazimierz, Krakow's picturesque historic jewish area. Named after Helena Rubinstein is a 15th century tenement located in the hart of historical Kazimierz, a few minutes walk from the Old Synagogue, Wawel Castle and the main market square.

167 $
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Otel Ostoya Palace

Otel Ostoya Palace 4 yıldızlı
Pilsudskiego 24, Krakow, Poland, 31-109

Ostoya Palace hotel is a two storey 19th century polish palace located in the historical centre of Krakow. It was completely renovated and converted into a 4 star Hotel in which polish tradition, bundless hospitality is combining with elegance, direction and culture.

186 $
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Otel Farmona Business & Spa

Otel Farmona Business & Spa 4 yıldızlı
Jugiwicka 10 C, Krakow, Poland, 30443

The Farmona Business Hotel & SPA located in a picturesque old park, constitutes an oasis of peace, where 60 guest can rest in comfortable conditions. It is a perfect venue for those who appreciate tasteful and temporary deco, attentive staff and a true concern about unforgettable moments.

61 $
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Otel Pod Roza

Otel Pod Roza 4 yıldızlı
Florianska 14, Krakow, Poland, 31 021

Beautiful neo-classic tenement- house hides quiet, charming and the oldest in Krakow Hotel "Pod Roza". The history of the residence goes back to the 14th century, but at the end of the 17th century it was transformed into a hotel.

197 $
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Otel Centrum

Otel Centrum 4 yıldızlı
Al Jana Pawla Ii Os Centrum E12, Krakow, Poland, 31 934

This newly opened four-star hotel would satisfy even the most demanding Guests. There are 28 comfortable single and double rooms, suites, and Junior-Suite rooms.

99 $
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Otel Swing

Otel Swing 4 yıldızlı
Ul Dobrego Pasterza 124, Krakow, Poland, 31-416

Hotel Swing is a new four-star hotel in Cracow offering impeccable service and unique atmosphere in its stylish, modern interiors. Hotel Swing is also a banquet & conference center, fully equipped with modern technical appliances and air-conditioning.

55 $
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Otel Apis

Otel Apis 3 yıldızlı
Al. 29 Listopada 137, Krakow, Poland, 31 406

Apis is a three star, modern hotel, located close to Cracow city center (about 2 km to the main Market Square, bus and railway station). The hotel offers 93 places at comfortable 1, 2, 3 persons rooms and apartments.

96 $
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Otel Atrium

Otel Atrium 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Krzywa 7, Krakow, Poland, 31149

Hotel located in Cracow's cultural centre. Hotel Atrium is sited in the historical centre of one of the most important cultural capitals in Europe, rated as World Heritage by the UNESCO: Cracow.

135 $
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Otel Wit Stwosz Krakow Centre

Otel Wit Stwosz Krakow Centre 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Mikolajska 28, Krakow, Poland, 31-027

Wit Stwosz Hotel connects historical 16th century interiors with comfort and contemporary style. We provide our guests with single, double and threebedded rooms, as well as one suite.

121 $
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Otel Old Town Apartments Krakow

Otel Old Town Apartments Krakow 3 yıldızlı
Dietla 75 Apt. 1a, Krakow, Poland, 31-007

All of our Krakow hotel apartments are in most favourable locations, either right next to the Main Square or in the middle between the Old Town, the Wawel Castle - the royal residence and Kazimierz (the famous old Jewish district). We offer you twice as much space as a hotel.

134 $
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Otel Ruczaj

Otel Ruczaj 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Ruczaj 44, Krakow, Poland, 30-409

The 2001-built 3-star hotel "Ruczaj" is located just 4 km away from the city centre. It is located in a quiet and distinguished area of Cracow.

58 $
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Otel Wilga

Otel Wilga 3 yıldızlı
Przedwiosnie 16, Krakow, Poland, 30502

WILGA Hotel is a modern, three-star hotel for private and business travellers as well as tourist groups. The hotel offers: 36 cosy rooms, air-conditioned restaurant, bowling alley with billiards tables and a drink bar, conference facilities for meetings (up tp 100 people).

97 $
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Otel Rt Monopol Krakow

Otel Rt Monopol Krakow 3 yıldızlı
Sw.gertrudy Street 6, Krakow, Poland, 31-046

A three star RT Monopol Hotel offers a beautiful view stretches out from the windows of the hotel -the view over Planty, the park surrounding the Old City, the heart of Krak�w. We have pleasure to invite you to our new restaurant (Polish and European cuisine) with the hotel bar, meeting rooms, the internet corner at the hotel lobby with the cosy seating area.

60 $
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Otel Agava Apartments Old Town

Otel Agava Apartments Old Town
Ul Pijarska 3/2, Krakow, Poland, 31 015

We would like to invite you to our Rooms and Apartments AGAVA. We offer a stay in cosy and comfortamble fully equipped apartments located in a historical tenenment house built in 19th century, in the very heart of the Old Town, on 3 Pijarska Street.

63 $
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Otel Rt Galicya

Otel Rt Galicya 3 yıldızlı
Rzemieslnicza Street 6, Krakow, Poland, 30-403

A standard class RT Galicya Hotel*** offers 63 spatious rooms. Visit our restaurant which can seat up to 120 persons.

59 $
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Otel Perla

Otel Perla 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Zakopianska 180 B, Krakow, Poland, 30-435

The hotel Perla is a modern standard class hotel with 38 rooms located close to the airport and the A4. The hotel offers free carparking, laundry service, 2 conference rooms, restaurant, bar, taxi service, tour guides and pets are accepted.

80 $
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Otel Alexander Ii

Otel Alexander Ii 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Zamenhofa 14, Krakow, Poland, 31-025

Alexander II Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the vicinity of Krakow Main Square, the Planty and the railway station. The hotel offers 30 comfortably furnished single, double and triple rooms.

85 $
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Otel Monika

Otel Monika 2 yıldızlı
Langiewicza 6, Krakow, Poland, 31-425

Hotel Monika offers 34 rooms (92 accommodation places) and 3 family suites - equipped to the standard of a luxury hotel. We provide a high standard of accommodation at reasonable prices.

41 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Polonia

Otel Polonia 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Basztowa 25, Krakow, Poland, 31-156

The three-star Polonia Hotel has been in operation since 1917. We are situated in the very centre of the Old Royal City of Cracow.

67 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Conrad & Spa

Otel Conrad & Spa 3 yıldızlı
Josepha Conrada 37, Krakow, Poland, 31-357

Hotel Conrad*** offers for its guests 90 comfortable rooms and 8 luxurious air-conditioned suites. Hotel Conrad gives you much more than just accomodation.

45 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Alexander

Otel Alexander 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Garbarska 18, Krakow, Poland, 31 131

In May 2003 the three star Hotel Alexander joined the group of the most famous antique structures in Cracow Old Town by opening the gates for Our Honourable Guests. The hotel offers 40 comfortably furnished single, double and triple rooms.

85 $
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Otel Rt Regent

Otel Rt Regent 3 yıldızlı
Bozego Ciala Street 19, Krakow, Poland, 31-059

RT Regent*** is an ideal place for exploring Krakow. We invite you to visit the hotel and the famouns, stylish "Piwnice Regenta" restaurant.

54 $
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Otel Mikolaj

Otel Mikolaj 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Mikolajska 30, Krakow, Poland, 31-027

Hotel Mikolaj is a charming 3-star hotel located in the city centre of Krakow. We offer our guests 11 comfortable rooms and apartments, each of which is equipped with telephone, radio, satellite TV and private barthroom with bath or shower.

91 $
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Otel Logos

Otel Logos 3 yıldızlı
Ul Szujskiego 5, Krakow, Poland, 31-123

The hotel Logos has a 3 stars rating. It is offering 49 rooms and has an extremely good location, right next door to the old city of Cracow.

155 $
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Otel Fero Express Krakow Airport

Otel Fero Express Krakow Airport 3 yıldızlı
Ul Boleslawa Smialego 60, Krakow, Poland, 30398

The three star Hotel Fero is a place where you fell special, even though for you it can be an "airport" hotel. The helpful staff, the excellent restaurant and our pleasant rooms are in the opinion of our guests the most important.

42 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Poleski

Otel Poleski 3 yıldızlı
Sandomierska 6, Krakow, Poland, 30-301

A three star Hotel Poleski offers marvellous panorama of the Wawel Hill and the Vistula River. Hotel reception is ready to assist you 24 hrs/day.

95 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Villa Zakamycze Airport

Otel Villa Zakamycze Airport 3 yıldızlı
38 Zakamycze St, Krakow, Poland, 30 240

The standard class Villa Zakamycze Airport is ideal place for business trips and weekend breaks. Indoor swimming-pool, sauna, game room, terrace with deck chairs, dining-room and grill are at yours disposal.

38 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Kazimierz Apartments

Otel Kazimierz Apartments 3 yıldızlı
75 Dietla Street Apt.1a, Krakow, Poland, 31-050

Our elegant, spacious and fully equipped apartments are located in the historical Kazimierz district. We offer you twice as much space as a hotel.

137 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Unicus

Otel Unicus 4 yıldızlı
Ul. Sw. Marka 20, Krakow, Poland, 31 020

A boutique four star hotel in the heart of town that ensures unique aesthetic impressions and comfort. It combines modern design and style with an intimate atmosphere of a historical tenement house.

132 $
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Otel Major

Otel Major 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Gdynska 6, Krakow, Poland, 31-323

Hotel Major is a 3-star hotel located in the northern part of Krakow, only 4km from the city center. We offer our guests 45 comfortable guestrooms, each of which features modern decor and is equipped with free wireless Internet access, cable TV, telephone and secure door-locking system.

95 $
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Otel Fortuna

Otel Fortuna 3 yıldızlı
Ul Czapskich 5, Krakow, Poland, 31-110

This centrally located 3 star hotel Fortuna is simply a joy to lodge at. It is located at the corner of Czapskich and Pilsudskiego Street in the centre of Cracow.

88 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel Classic

Otel Classic 3 yıldızlı
Sw. Tomasza 32, Krakow, Poland, 31-014

Located in the Old Town of Krakow, the Classic Hotel is only 5 minutes from the Main Market Square and Sukiennice Hall in Krakow with the marvelous renaissance architecture. In addition, it is next to the Planty Gardens and you can easily reach the Balice Airport and main train and bus station is only 5 minutes away.

65 $
Kitap şimdi
Otel David

Otel David 3 yıldızlı
Ul. Ciemna 13, Krakow, Poland, 31-053

Hotel David is a modern and elegant 3-star hotel, ideal for business trips and leisure or turist stays. The hotel offers 21 comfortably furnished single, double and triple rooms.

73 $
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