Отель Beijing Courtel (Пекин, Китай) - обзоры, фотографии, цены.

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“THIS IS THE BEST HOTEL IN Beijing!After weeks of hard work we booked in here as a treat.quite expensive i have to admit,but it was wearth everysingle euro.the staff is extremely friendly and is treating you like themost important peson they have ever met.you could say:i expect that for nearly 400Euros anyway,but let me asureyou that you could get dissapointed in berlin within thatprizerange at other hotels.the decoration,coulors,interior design,the lobby,the roomseveything very classy and personal.never tacky.itslike being at a (very rich) friends house.you can sit in thebar/lobby looking around for 2 hours withoutgetting bored(ceiling paintings,sculptures,antiques).The restaurant: just thinking back ...i could cry of joy.its the best food i ever had.a lot of restaurant guides(even the french ones)agree.the best wine ever(be carefull here the prizesare litarely witout any limits),but even that we were ableto discuss with the most charming sommelier i have evermet.he was able to tell basicaly fairytales and legendsabout every single sip of wine.this experience is in my head.locked in.forever.”

Отель Beijing Courtel

4 звезды
8 Courtyard Andingmen West Street Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, 100009

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Отель Beijing Courtel - Описание

The Beijing Courtel Hotel, the first of its kind, is so-named as a tribute to the architecture of the traditional Beijing Courtyard houses, blending tradition with modern times. Experience Chinese culture and stay in a courtyard building as have uncountable generations of Beijing locals before you. The courtyard housing style evolved during the Yuan Dynasty when Beijing became China's capital, and has a deep social and cultural meaning. The Courtel Hotel is a non-smoking first class hotel which offers 25 individually decorated rooms and 2 suites in a luxurious, unforgettable and unique atmosphere.

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